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We have over four decades of experience in designing, procuring, manufacturing and constructing various types of membrane systems using microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis to treat seawater, brackish water and municipal wastewater.

Biwater currently has the largest installed capacity of membranes in the United States as well as the largest installed capacity of membrane bio-reactors (MBRs) in the UK. In 2003, we built one of the largest nanofiltration plants in the world (150,000 m3/day) and have installed over 1.4 million m3/day capacity in membrane treatment since 2000.  In 2009, Biwater completed the 228,000 m3/day reverse osmosis plant at the Sembcorp Changi NEWater Plant in Singapore, the largest in South East Asia.

We built our first reverse osmosis plant back in 1971 which at the time represented 10% of the world’s reverse osmosis capacity, however, since these early plants, due to both the fall in operational costs and Biwater’s increased knowledge and expertise, membrane technology has seen rapid progress and cost reduction. These changes have seen many countries around the world embrace this technology.

Biwater is unique as we combine our experience in a wide range of membrane applications with a vast knowledge of water and wastewater treatment and are able to propose the plant to best meet our clients’ requirements, by selecting either a membrane plant or a ‘conventional’ system.

For more information about Biwater's capabilities in Desalination and Membrane Treatment contact our Centre of Excellence directly: biwater.inc@biwater.com / +1 (909) 5994129.



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Padre Dam, California, USA
Biwater Inc. provided a complete turnkey design, and supplied and commissioned all process, mechanical, electrical and control components for the Advanced Water Purification Demonstration Project in California... more>

Tortola Water and Sewage Improvement Scheme, BVI 
This Build, Operate, Own, Transfer (BOOT) contract covered the design, construction, and operation and maintenance of a desalination plant and two wastewater treatment facilities. Notably, in 2013 Biwater successfully completed a USD 43 million project financing deal with Barclays, which benefited from a 100% guarantee from ECGD, the UK Export Credit Agency...More>


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El Paso Water Membrane Plant, Texas
Biwater Inc., the number one supplier of municipal membrane treatment plants in the USA and one of the largest suppliers in the world, supplied the El Paso water membrane plant, the largest inland desalination facility in the United States... more>


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Providence, Seychelles

Biwater companies in the UK, South Africa and Malaysia combined their expertise in a US$29 million project to alleviate seasonal water shortages in the Seychelles... more>