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‘realising sustainable operational efficiencies for Khartoum State’

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Omdurman Water Supply & Optimisation Scheme, sudan

Key features:


Operation and maintenance of a 200 Mld Water Treatment Plant
One of Sudan's first private sector financed water projects

Integrated network management strategy
Maximising social and health benefits

Staff training



This contract is for the Operation and Maintenance of the Biwater turnkey constructed Omdurman Water Treatment plant.

The Project covers the operation and maintenance of the water treatment plant to supply potable water to Omdurman City, part of Greater Khartoum for the Khartoum State Water Corporation (KSWC).

The aim of this project is to maximise the social and health benefits of a supply of clean, safe, reliable drinking water in a manner that is both sustainable and economically viable in the medium to long term.

Sudan has been blessed by having one of the world's great river systems flowing through the entire length of the country, the Nile. In fact the Nile system of rivers is actually three major rivers, the Blue Nile, the White Nile and the Nile.

The capital of Sudan, Khartoum, is situated inside the apex area formed by the merging point of the Blue and White Niles which merge together from their respective sources in Ethiopia and Uganda to form the Nile that flows northwards into the Mediterranean sea.


Khartoum is the most populated state in the Republic of Sudan with well in excess of six million inhabitants.

El Khartoum is the largest industrial centre in the state and is made up of three cities, Khartoum, Khartoum North and Omdurman. The latter is the largest of the three cities, lying to the west of the White and Main Nile rivers and covers an area of 2 approximately 320 km. In 2002 the population in Omdurman was estimated at 2,931,200 and this is expected to rise to 9,800,000 by 2040.

There is a critical shortage of potable water in Greater Khartoum city. The estimated current demand is in excess of one million m3 per day, with around two-thirds of the city currently not supplied with water. Omdurman is the area with the greatest unserved population.

  Scope of Work

Biwater's scope is to operate and maintain, under a “take or pay” Water Purchase Agreement, the water treatment plant at Al Manara comprising:

  • Technology transfer in all disciplines to staff.
  • Sampling and analysing the plant's influent and effluent, likewise the monitoring of metering of flows
  • Preventative, planned or emergency maintenance of all the fixed and moveable property of the plant, as well as the equipment and vehicles, and record details of service faults, including:
    - River intake
    - Raw water main
    - 200 Mld water treatment plant located at El Manara on the Nile River, including a laboratory, workshop, administration 3 building and a 12,000 m storage reservoir.
  • Reduction in operating costs, power, chemicals, spares consumption where prudent.
  • Staff training.
  • Development and upkeep of operational and maintenance
  • procedures and maintenance management system.
  • Development and upkeep of good working practices.
  • On site laboratory analysis.
  • Compliance where appropriate with applicable regulations.




flat bottom clarifiers with filter building in the background and
flashmixer in the foreground



Location: Khartoum State, Sudan Scope of Works: Operation & Maintenance of a water
treatment plant
Client Khartoum State Water Corporation Work Types: Operation & maintenance
Water Treatment
Raw water pipework
Project Duration: For the duration of the construction loans Participation: 100 %
Completion Date: Forecast 2020

Plant Capacity: 200 Mld