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Moroccan King holds official wastewater treatment plant inauguration at Biwater plant in Tangier

Rabat, Morocco – 27 November 2015: The Moroccan King, Mohammed VI, recently held an official visit and inauguration ceremony to mark the achievements of the Boukhalef wastewater treatment plant rehabilitation project completed by Biwater.

Following the visit, a video was released documenting the visit (view via YouTube). During event proceedings, King Mohammed VI was welcomed by crowds of local citizens who were delighted to witness his arrival at the facility in Tangier. While at the Boukhalef site, His Highness conducted an official ribbon cutting and unveiled a plaque documenting the opening.

“For all involved in this project, it was a real honour to welcome His Highness, King Mohammed VI, to the site and be given the opportunity to showcase Biwater’s rehabilitation works that have revitalised the local wastewater treatment plant,” said Yassine Laib, Country Manager, Morocco. 

King Mohmmed VI
Mohammed VI, King of Morocco, conducting a ribbon cutting
ceremony at Boukhalef wastewater treatment plant 

Rehabilitation works of the Boukhalef wastewater treatment plant improved the quality of effluent discharge to exceed international standards and meet Morocco’s requirements for irrigation water for green areas in Southern Tangier, including for reuse on golf courses.

Civil engineering works were required alongside the installation of new electromechanical equipment, electricity and automation processes and tertiary treatment facilities. Ahead of 2017, the facility will be expanded to increase capacity with additional clarification tanks constructed.

The video summarising the royal visit outlines that this project, and other key infrastructure initiatives, reflect the concerns of the King, who is committed to protecting the environment, alongside achieving continued economic development and growth country-wide.