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Tortola Water and Sewage Improvement Scheme, bvi


Key features:

Project finance:
In November 2013, Biwater successfully completed a USD 43 million project financing deal with Barclays, which benefited from a 100% guarantee from ECGD, the UK Export Credit Agency.

SWRO plant:
Upon completion, the 10,450 m3/day sewater reverse osmosis (SWRO) facility included a two pass system, running at 45% recovery. It incorporated four first pass trains and two second pass trains.

Pre-treatment consisted of two stage media filtration, followed by five micron cartridge filtration, to protect the system from foulants.

Biwater incorporated Energy Recovery pressure exchangers, providing a reduction in high pressure pumping energy by as much as 45%.

Storage facilities:
As a part of this project, Biwater constructed a new 2,270m3 storage reservoir, supporting retaining wall works, and also carried out repair works on an existing tank at Sabbath Hill, one of the highest points on the island.

Pipes and pumping stations:
Treated water mains total 3,330 metres, along steep terrain, with a total rise of 393 metres, including two treated water pumping stations.

Wastewater treatment facilities:
Two package wastewater treatment plants (‘BiCOMs’) were constructed following the commissioning of the SWRO plant, serving Road Town and the East End communities.

View of the SWRO membrane hall
Previously residents received their water from existing SWRO plants that operated on the island, however they were not sufficient to provide year-round supply and some were reaching the end of their working lives. With the influx of cruise ships to
the island during ‘high season’, it was necessary at times for water supplies to be rationed or cut off during peak demand.

To increase Tortola’s water treatment capacity and support the Government’s long-term water and sewage master plan, Biwater implemented an island-wide improvement scheme.

Works for the 10,450 m3/day desalination facility were completed in 2014. The new facility now provides a 24/7 potable water supply to Tortola and gives the Government the capacity to supply water to cruise ships whilst in dock without any detriment to local users. 

The water supply tariff savings provided by the new SWRO plant provided the finance to design and construct two new package wastewater treatment plants with a total of 4,000 m3/day treatment capacity to serve the whole island

The wastewater treatment plants and associated pumping stations were completed in mid-2015 in Road Town and Paraquita Bay. As a result of these works, the diverse marine environment has benefited hugely, including but not limited to, coral reefs and the 400+ reef associated fish that call the corals home. In addition, improvements in sanitation were welcomed by the local population and visitors.

 ScreenHunter246 Aug 26 1049lr
 Burt Point package wastewater treatment plant under construction




Location: Tortola, British Virgin Islands Scope of Works: Build, Operate, Own, Transfer (BOOT) contract covering the design, construction, and operation and maintenance of a desalination plant and two wastewater treatment facilities
Client Government of the Virgin Islands Key technologies: Seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO)
Completion Date: August 2015    
SWRO Plant Capacity: 10,450 m3/day
10.4 million litres per day
2.7 million US gallons per day
Wastewater Plants Capacity: 4,000 m3/day
4 million litres per day
1 million US gallons per day