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Non-revenue Water

The success of a viable Water Department or Company is from professional, ethical management where commercial reality tempers political ideals.

A visible ‘new project’ (a dam, water or sewage treatment plant) has greater political attraction than the normally, dramatically cheaper, option of reducing leaks or implementing better tariff collection.

With non-revenue water reduction (leaks, stolen water, inefficient distribution or tariff collection), professionally handled, returns are immediate, as treated water saved is additional income from costs already incurred.

Sadly, the visible option of letting a contract for buying and installing say 200,000 household water meters does not reduce leaks but potentially increases them dramatically.

Ensuring a leak free supply from a well balanced water distribution network, financed by a fixed tariff charge, is the fastest, cheapest and most effective first stage in the viability of a loss making water authority.

Installing ‘District’ meters initially, quickly identifies the worst areas within a City and concentration on these pays the quickest dividends after prioritising the commercial/industrial centre of the City.


Viable finance

The decrease in system losses and subsequent increase in revenue achieved in this way is useful for enhancing the viability of financed projects.

New ‘equity light’ award-winning finance created by Biwater provides public/private participation without privatisation and is especially attractive because there is no ‘equity dividends’ to be paid and this results in lower water tariffs.

Export credits, Aid and the World’s multi-lateral agencies all recognise Biwater’s expertise in financing projects.  We give immediate credibility to a submission which, together with Biwater’s experience in socio-economic and environmental impact assessments ensures a viable solution quickly.

Most projects can be financed especially through the World’s Aid agencies but, unless they incorporate professionally driven management, operation and maintenance they will fail.


Avoid these common pitfalls by employing an experienced and professional Biwater team.