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Omdurman Water Supply & Optimisation Scheme, Sudan

Key features:

  • Non Revenue Water control
  • NRW performance auditing
  • DMA construction & management
  • Leakage control
  • Hydraulic modelling
  • Pressure management
  • Capacity building
  • Staff training
  • GIS construction and management
  • Preparation of detailed reports


Raw Water Intake Structure
Biwater helped address the severe water shortage in the Khartoum conurbation, with the design and construction of a 200 Mld water treatment plant, transmission mains, booster pump station and storage reservoirs to serve a population of 2,900,000.

Ensuring that this new supply of water is delivered in as safe, efficient and cost effective way as possible, Biwater has also provided expert Non Revenue Water (NRW) management and network optimisation services.

  Leakage detection and control, the optimisation of network pressure and effective design and construction of District Meter Areas led to a reduction in physical losses, whilst the integration of hydraulic models, Geographic Information Systems and a rationalised billing system greatly reduced commercial losses.

Crucial to the successful management of NRW in this project was the training and integration of Khartoum State Water Company staff with the Biwater project teams. This collaborative effort has ensured a lasting legacy of effective distribution network control, cost efficient management, increased revenue for the Khartoum State Water Company and the delivery of safe, potable water to millions of new customers.





Location: Omdurman, Sudan Scope of Work: Non Revenue Water Control;
Client: Khartoum State Water Company Work Types:
network optimisation
Project Duration: 3 years
Participation: 100%
Completion Date: 2010    

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