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Biwater Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Systems

Biwater’s Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO) Modules are designed and built for rigorous industrial duty operations which demand reliable equipment.

Completely packaged and assembled on corrosion proof, powder coated, steel skids, BWRO modules are factory tested prior to shipment and incorporate the latest technology. Feed, power and concentrate are the only required hook-ups and the unit is ready for operation. Biwater BWRO modules can also be designed for installation inside ISO containers for quick site installation.

The BWRO package plants can either be designed and built as skid mounted units, with the option to containerise the units to minimise civil requirements (and for fast installation) or when the plants must be mobile for re-use in another location. Standard modules range from 272-2,180m³ per day. Larger capacity custom designed systems are tailored to meet specific site requirements with capacities up to 6,800m³ per day.

Biwater Service engineers are available for technical support to ensure that your system is always operating and producing water as designed and built.

Specific benefits:

  • Reliable and simple operation with minimum maintenance requirements
  • Proven design
  • Robust and efficient process
  • Modular design for overseas transportation
  • Rapid installation
  • Small footprint - ideal for small to medium sized communities
  • A range of units suitable for varying requirements

Biwater provide a full engineering service. In providing the BWRO solution, the engineering services will include development of the system and submission of detailed information, based on the available data for each specific project location.