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Package plants and products

Biwater offer an array of scalable package plants and products, to provide water and wastewater treatment solutions for smaller population centres in remote areas, or in locations where the efficient use of space and energy is required.

All of our well proven offerings have been designed by experts who have extensive experience meeting ‘standard’ industry needs. Our range of package plants and products are designed to be rapidly installed to meet urgent needs, and are built to last.

Depending on client requirements and associated budget allocations, we can provide equipment on a ‘supply only’ basis, or expand our scope of works to cover ‘supply and installation’ or ‘lifetime operation’, as needed.

We can offer as much support and guidance in construction and maintenance as the availability of local resources demands, as well as tailored training programmes to transfer necessary skills and expertise, enabling a true, long-term, turnkey solution.

Package plant range:

  • biCLEAR – modular water treatment plant
  • biPAK - package water treatment plant
  • Biwater Tower – compact water treatment plant with elevated storage for remote communities
  • biCOM - compact wastewater treatment plant
  • biMBR – compact membrane bioreactor treatment plant
  • biRO – containerised reverse osmosis systems


We are often called upon to supply specific products such as pumps, pipes and valves as standalone scheduled work packages, or as a remedy for clients when they need to respond to an urgent repair or expansion need. Having owned and operated product manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom – adhering to stringent quality standards and processes – we are well equipped to advise and respond to specific product related enquiries via our local offices.