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Awards and recognition

Biwater has received four prestigious Queen’s Awards for excellence in engineering and innovation, presented by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, while also recording an impressive list of international water and project finance awards.

2021: Desalination Company of the Year

  • Biwater was awarded Desalination Company of the Year (Distinction) at the 2021 Global Water Awards, recognising Biwater’s Center for Excellence in desalination, water reuse and membrane treatment as one of the leading suppliers for making the greatest contribution to the desalination industry in 2020.
  • “Last year Biwater completely dominated the desalination market in America. They have taken the company to another level and have created the most effective membrane systems supplier in the US. Biwater has become the name that American utilities and industrial water uses can trust to get it right.” (Desalination Company of the Year Category | Global Water Intelligence).



2021: Water Project of the Year

  • Biwater's ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis project, the Albert Robles Center for Water Recycling (ARC), was awarded Water Project of the Year (Distinction) at the 2021 Global Water Awards. The project was recognised for its advanced water treatment facility’s success in delivering forward-thinking solutions for optimizing its physical and environmental footprint. 
  • “The ARC is a critical element of the WRD’s wider Water Independence Now program, which endeavours to establish a locally sustainable water supply for Southern California and increase resilience to drought. As a direct result of the new advanced treatment plant, water imports from Northern California and the Colorado River are no longer required to replenish the area’s groundwater supply.” (Water Project of the Year Category | Global Water Intelligence).


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Finance Awards:

  • Biwater was awarded two Deal of the Year awards for the development works deal signed between the Kurdistan Regional Government and UK Export Finance in 2016.
  • The loan was the first use by the KRG of the Law To Raise Funds Through Borrowing by The Kurdistan Region, number (7) of 2015.
  • Global Trade Review summarised the deal’s achievements by saying, “The deal doesn’t just have tremendous, long-lasting environmental and humanitarian implications: being the first loan entered into by the Kurdistan regional government under its debt law, it sets a precedent for future borrowing and demonstrates that the regional government is able to borrow in its own name” (Global Trade Review Best Deals 2016).
  • Trade & Forfaiting Review noted that “The TFR Awards commend the brave, to the complex, to the persistent and the innovative, as well as deals completed in the face of serious challenges” (Trade & Forfaiting Review ECA Highly Commended Deals of 2016).

Other significant awards: