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Wastewater treatment

Wastewater – all too often overlooked – is in truth a key factor in the overall water equation. Not least because inadequately treated wastewater can often result in major water treatment challenges further down the line.

Wastewater treatment involves an extensive range and variety of challenges – environmental, financial and technical.

Our experience, as evidenced by our extensive portfolio of projects, is among the most comprehensive in the industry, equipping us to address any wastewater challenge, anywhere, with a tried and tested solution that will meet the need effectively at the lowest possible lifetime cost.

To every new challenge we bring the benefits of proven, quality-assured design processes, project management and value engineering. Whatever the situation, our experts can swiftly and accurately identify and specify the most appropriate and cost-effective solution, whether a membrane bioreactor to treat municipal wastewater in Hong Kong, or a dedicated, purpose-built industrial plant to process brewery waste in Nigeria.


Our holistic experience means we can meet the increasing demand for treatment facilities capable of dealing with a wide variety of industrial or agricultural effluents, treating wastewater in the most efficient and cost effective way to meet treatment standards for a return to the watercourse or onward reuse, whether for agricultural irrigation in remote communities, reuse in industrial processes, or general use in anything from maintaining golf courses and lawns to washing cars, clothes and windows.

All the systems we create are designed in-house, to the most demanding British and international standards, incorporating processes controlled and monitored by state-of-the art technologies.

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