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Bipak - Biwater's Modular Water Treatment Plant 

Biwater Modular Water Treatment Plants (Bipak) have been developed to provide an economical, simple and reliable method of treatment for drinking water. The water treatment is based on conventional treatment processes.

The design is standardised on a range of prefabricated and factory built units to enable fast installation on site.

There are six standard model sizes catering for a population equivalent range of 3,600 to 72,000. Populations for larger communities are catered for with a combination of standard models or the Biclear standard range.

To find out more about Bipak and the model ranges offered, download the Bipak brochure.

Bipak has been successfully installed in a number of countries and has evolved over the years to todays advanced modular treatment system. Here are some examples of Bipak projects delivered over the years.

Key benefits:

  • Total Water Treatment Solution
  • Meets World Health Organisation drinking water standards
  • Designed and built to British / EU / AWWA Standards
  • Compact footprint ideal for small to medium sized communities
  • Rapid Installation with prefabricated factory built and tested modules

General features:

  • Modular approach allows flexibility to achieve client specific requirements
  • Reliable and simple operation with minimum maintenance requirements
  • Proven, simple and reliable process elements


Bipak typical flow schematic:

Biwater have the in-house capability to provide 3D modelling of the proposed Bipak system in the chosen location, as seen in these examples, which provides the client with the benefit of visualising the water treatment solution and how it aligns to their requirements.

Biwater provide a full engineering service. In providing the Bipak total water treatment solution, the engineering services will include development of the system and submission of detailed information, based on the available data for each specific project location.

For more information, please contact us using the details in the Bipak brochure.