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Design capabilities

For any project, it is critical to develop detailed construction-ready designs. Biwater’s dedicated team handle design requirements in-house to ensure that all project-specific engineering designs, technical specifications and standards are set out clearly from the outset.

We cover all design aspects in-house, drawing on our wealth of know-how and capability and taking into account commercial and technical risk.

This in-house expertise not only provides the necessary documentation ready for construction, but it also allows us to accurately cost the works and efficiently commence the procurement of long-lead items ready for construction.

To provide the general framework for the project, we define the overall system configuration with schematics, diagrams and layouts. Any existing data and survey results are integrated into the multi-discipline design at the earliest stage possible.

Our sequenced and integrated design approach minimises technical and operational issues at a later stage. By working with our clients to formulate the base design from the start, we are all on the same page and prepared for a fast-track construction programme.

The importance of value engineering:

Our systematic engineering design methods incorporate the necessary checks and balances that scrutinise both the function and cost of any proposed project. Through our continual evaluation process, our recommendations result in the most appropriate technical offering, taking into account all possible factors (e.g. long-term masterplan considerations, social and environmental impact assessment (ESIA) reports, procurement of goods for the works and so on).

Biwater’s dedicated design offices are located in:

  • United Kingdom
  • Turkey
  • Malaysia
  • United States