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Biwater Modular Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

Biwater offers an array of scalable modular treatment plants and products, to provide water, wastewater and membrane treatment solutions for rural and urban population centres.

All of our well proven offerings have been designed by technical experts who have extensive experience meeting and exceeding ‘standard’ industry needs. Our range of modular treatment plants and products are designed to be rapidly installed to meet urgent needs, and are robustly designed and built to last.

Depending on client requirements and associated budget allocations, we can provide equipment on a 'Design, Supply and Supervision' basis, or expand our scope of works to cover ‘supply and installation’ with or without ‘lifetime operation’, as needed.

Biwater offer guidance during the construction and operation and maintenance phases, providing support to local resources, as well as tailored training programmes to transfer necessary skills and expertise, enabling a true, long-term, turnkey solution.

Modular treatment plant range:


Compact sewage treatment plant for villages and towns


Packaged town drinking water treatment plants

Biwater Tower

Village supply drinking water treatment plants within its own elevated distribution reservoir

Membrane Treatment, Desalination and Water Reuse

Water reuse and desalination treatment plants for villages, towns and cities


Compact drinking water treatment plant for cities  

Financial Services

Bespoke finance arrangements for contracts