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BBC documentary

The BBC has produced a documentary piece about Biwater as part of a UK export series showcasing the best of British businesses operating globally:

Video synopsis:

Without water, life on earth could not exist. And a clean, safe and reliable source of water is a fundamental part of infrastructure.

Today, one in 10 people do not have access to safe drinking water, and one in three don’t have access to a toilet. Although these figures show an improvement on previous years, there is still clearly much work to be done to improve global health.

Biwater is a pioneering British company that has been building water systems around the world for half a century. Each project undertaken by the company answers a need related to water and/or sanitation and desalination; to date they have delivered over 25,000 projects in more than 90 countries.

As well as human health, the film investigates how water resource management plays a crucial part in protecting the environment, sensitive to the local geography and socio-economic realities of proposed projects.

Our film follows their work and shows how British skills, expertise and standards of quality are raising the standards of living of people around the world.

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