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Accra, Ghana – 26 May 2015:

Overcoming space limitations to build a new potable water treatment plant, and challenging terrain to lay extensive pipework, Biwater have successfully delivered two projects spanning a number of distinct population centres across Ghana.

In Kpong, Southeast Ghana, Biwater recently completed the construction of a 41,000 m3/day (41 MLD) reinforced concrete direct filtration potable water treatment plant to serve Kpong and its environs, as well as rural communities between Kpong and Tema. The facility is supplied by a lake that is situated between the Akosombo and Akuse Dams on the Volta River.

From Aframso to Kumawu in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, Biwater also completed an extensive pipeline installation project that involved the excavation, welding, laying, backfilling, testing and disinfection of over 50 kilometres of steel and HDPE transmission pipeline.

Excavation was carried out along challenging terrain that required breaking out hard rock to bury the pipeline, as well as some lengths above ground that were laid on pipe support plinths. Due to the hilly nature of the local topography, the scope of works included numerous road, stream and river crossings. Air valves, washout valves and isolation chamber valves were installed to ensure the continuity of flow along the route.

“The completion of these water treatment and supply projects would not have been possible without our skilled team locally. They handled the laying of extensive steel and HDPE pipes in steep and rocky terrain, whilst also successfully managing complex logistics to deliver robust and long-lasting solutions,” said David Thorpe, Managing Director, West Africa.

Prior to these projects, Biwater delivered the Tamale Water Supply Project in the North of Ghana and numerous other water related infrastructure projects across the length and breadth of the country.


Hard dig on pipeline installation project requiring a small bucket and heavy breaker

Installation of pipe support plinths above ground

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