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Providing the first turnkey wastewater treatment facility for Laayoune

Rabat, Morocco – 18 July 2017:

Biwater continue to deliver turnkey wastewater treatment solutions serving populous and important economic zones across North Africa. Most recently, Biwater were awarded a contract to deliver vital wastewater infrastructure for the city of Laayoune. The city is home to around 40 percent of the regional population in Southern Morocco, which is otherwise sparsely populated.

The civil design and construction contract is already underway with earthworks in progress. Biwater’s team are providing a fast-track construction programme to reduce the ecological impact of raw sewage and provide treated water for reuse. The arid region will benefit from the ability to reuse water for irrigation, with treated water meeting local treatment and effluent consent standards.

“This project award emphasises the importance of wastewater treatment and reuse in areas where there are acute water shortages. We are proud to continue our long-standing work to improve sanitation conditions for all across the region,” said Yassine Laib, Biwater’s Country Manager in Morocco.

The new facility will provide pre-treatment, biological treatment and advanced tertiary treatment, including closed low pressure ultraviolet (UV). Meanwhile, biogas production will also allow for combined heat and power cogeneration for the facility.

Following construction, Biwater will provide two years of operational assistance and training to foster knowledge sharing with the local workforce.

The city of Laayoune does not currently have a wastewater treatment facility, so this project is key to improving sanitation for this important economic zone.


Laayoune Wastewater Treatment Plant Earthworks

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