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Surrey, UK – 16 July 2020: Biwater has commenced the Development Works for the Tamale Water Supply Scheme, a key step towards increasing the delivery of drinking water to the people in the Northern Region of Ghana.

In 2019, Biwater signed a $272m contract with the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) who represent the Ministry of Sanitation and Water, and the Government of the Republic of Ghana, to construct and expand the water supply infrastructure in Tamale. The project’s Development Works will include geotechnical and topographical surveys, environmental and social impact assessments, and detailed designs for the water treatment plant process structures.

John Terry, Biwater’s Contract Manager for Africa, said, “Biwater is on-track to deliver this important phase of the project, and we are pleased to be working with the Ghana Water Company Limited to provide increased potable water supplies for the residents of the Northern Region.”

The scope of works for this scheme includes the design, construction and commissioning of a new 135,000 m3/per day water treatment plant at Yapei, with pumps and transmission pipelines, reservoirs, pumping stations, new district Revenue Offices, staff accommodation, dedicated power lines, and the implementation of a water asset management programme.

In addition to this, at the request of GWCL, Biwater is currently scoping the works required to provide potable water to Damongo and its environs together with the communities along the route of the treated water pipeline. This will expand the water distribution network from the Yapei water treatment plant thereby allowing GWCL to serve new consumers with a supply of potable water.


Caption: Ground control set-up


Caption: Percussion drilling onsite


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