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Today, more than ever before, water is under threat as a consequence of increasing urbanisation and industrialisation and the demands these place on this precious resource.

As our requirement for pure, clean water continues to spiral, Biwater is uniquely placed to meet this global challenge.   We can provide cost effective and reliable engineering solutions to produce water to meet these needs.

From proven conventional treatment to high technology innovative processes which have been extensively researched, developed and tested, we design and supply quality treatment for all stages of the water production process.

Biwater has the professional expertise and experience to provide reliable, efficient and cost effective solutions for our clients around the world. We offer a comprehensive range of water treatment options and process solutions.

With pride in our past achievements and commitment to the future of water treatment, Biwater is focused on meeting the need around the world to protect this precious resource.


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Mendoza, Panama

The Mendoza plant has been designed to provide the city of La Chorrera with 40 US million gallons per day of potable water taking raw water from Lake Gatun. The contract was for a full turnkey design and construction.. more>


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Tamale, Ghana

Another major project undertaken by Biwater in Ghana. Biwater arranged the financing with the support of the Dutch ORET fund. The existing plant capacity was increased from 19 to 44 Mld per day and over 120 kms. of distribution and transmission pipes were laid... more>

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Negombo, Sri Lanka

Design and construction of the extension to the Negombo Water Treatment Plant near Colombo with ancillary storage tanks and 217 kms. of transmission and distribution pipework. The funding package also benefited from the support of ORET, the Dutch Governments’ Grant Aid programme... more>