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Biwater products have been reliably and consistently delivering water solutions for over forty years to the water industry, meeting the exacting demands of a worldwide audience.
Our products continue to provide robust, reliable and conventional process solutions to the sector. Their design allows a simplified construction and installation process in conjunction with optimised operation and optional training programmes, making Biwater's package treatment solutions ideally suited to urban and remote communities alike.

Our experience and expertise means we can provide a full range of plant and equipment on a 'supply only', 'supply and installation' or 'lifetime operation' basis. This spans everything from pre-fabricated reservoirs to high specification desalination units for submarines.

We also offer a full range of package and compact wastewater plants that bring wastewater treatment solutions to populations of between 300 and 20,000 or with combinations up to 60,000 people.

Product Range:

biCOM - compact wastewater treatment plant 
biPAK - package water treatment plant 
biTOWER - water treatment plant for remote communities


Membrane Solutions:

Brackish Reverse Osmosis
Brackish Reverse Osmosis containerised
Desalination Ship - compact marine RO solutions
Reverse Osmosis Chemicals
Chemical feed Systems
Seawater Reverse Osmosis containerised
Seawater Reverse Osmosis skid mounted
Seawater & Brackish Water Pretreatment
biMBR - compact membrane bioreactor treatment plants




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